Eskenazi, Farrell and Fodor, P.C. is an engineering firm experienced in design, construction, building restoration and solving structural problems.






Eskenazi, Farrell and Fodor


We provide building evaluations, iron inspections, investigative reports, calculations, drawings, specifications and field review of construction and restoration work. We assure that building owners receive the most for their construction dollar by soliciting competitive bids for their projects.

EFF has full-service computer capabilities including Computer-Aided Drafting and Design.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

Building Facade Repairs
Concrete Building Repairs
Garage Restoration Projects
Heavy Industrial Projects
Institutional & Office Buildings
Investigative & Retrofit Projects
Light Industrial Projects
Parking Structure Projects
Residential Projects
Retail & Commercial Projects
Roof Deck Waterproofing & Rehabilitation
Window Restoration & Replacement
School & Recreation Projects
Theater Projects
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